Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 5 reasons to start a Blog

There may be thousands of reasons why you want to blog . It can be business oriented , personal , promotion etc or any other . Here are the top 5 reasons to start a blog .

1. First of all Blogging is free , you don't have to pay a penny to start blogging . There are a lot of free services like Wordpress and Blogger etc which you can use .Sometimes blogging can be fun too . Just interact with other bloggers and you will know .

2. Start blogging to talk about you hobbies and passions . You may be good at one thing or maybe have a passion for something . Just start writing about your hobbies and passions and you help others by sharing your creativity with them . You may also get to know a lot of things which you probably didnt know .

3. Start blogging to express yourself to the world . There maybe a lot of things about which you want to talk about but you feel that no one is ready to listen to you . But this is not the case , there are a lot of people who may have the same opinion as you . You will never find them if you don't blog .

4. Start blogging to promote your business or any product . Through this you have a chance to reach a wider variety of audience and customers from around the world .

5. Start Blogging to make a network of friends . You will make a lot of friends who have common interests , similar views , live near you or you can meet a lot of new people. Just interact with other bloggers by leaving comments on there blog and you will know what I mean .

Author Credit:  This post is a part of the Darren’s Group Writing Project .

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